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 branding and identity design/

IEXP 360

Concept creation, identity development and brand book in collaboration with Sanchi Adhvaryu.

IEXP 360 is an experiential education portal, one of the first of it's kind in India. 

We created a brand theme inspired by the world of Wes Anderson and the typography for the identity was inspired by the crisp, geometric  typefaces as seen across Anderson's film posters. The logomark has an open maze appearance as it guides the client across various brand touchpoints as they move through the journey solely curated for them.

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iexp brand book6.png
iexp brand book7.png
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iexp brand book10.png
iexp brand book9.png
iexp brand book11.png
iexp brand book19.png
iexp brand book20.png
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iexp brand book22.png
iexp brand book23.png
iexp brand book25.png
iexp brand book29.png
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