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moodboard: understanding feminism, HAES and body image


understanding feminism, Health At Every Size and Body Image/ personal

First misconception about feminism: Do not care about your looks. Grow that mustache. Do not shave. Do not pluck your eyebrows. Do not conceal your dark circles. Do not wear other makeup. AND do not accept other women who choose to be more feminine, and focus on their outwardly appearance.

NO. The most un- feminist thing to do is rejecting other women from claiming equal rights because of the way they look!

Asserting our place in society as part of this movement has nothing to do with the way we look. It is although argued sometimes that women have been programmed to focus on their looks to impress men but that's another battle altogether. 

Health at every size: We come in all shapes and sizes. Our size doesn't determine our health. Breaking this notion of the ideal size and focusing on our health is the primary goal. This drives a more positive outlook towards body image.

Body Image: The way I perceive myself might be different from the way others do. I cannot control what others think but I can alter my approach.

This project focuses on these 3 themes for in some way, they are interlaced together. 

understanding feminism: you don't have to look a certain way to be one


Health At Every Size: your size isn't indicative of your health

health at every size

body image: collage
body image: collage
body image: collage

body image

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