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Lacuna Light

Lacuna Light is a skincare brand with a key focus on marine ingredients. The word Lacuna refers to a blank, vast space and together, the name suggests illuminating open spaces, and in the brands' context, throwing light (literally and figuratively) onto the deepest parts of the ocean  

turquoise on seafoam.jpg
seafoam on turquoise.jpg
marina blue on seafoam.jpg
turquoise on seafoam_lm.jpg
marina on seafoam_lm.jpg
seafoam on turquoise_lm.jpg


Business card design 2 front.jpg
Business card design 2 back.jpg
business card design 1 back.jpg
Business_Card design 1 front.jpg
Stationery Mockup Template.jpg

Brand Guide

brand guide lacuna light-02.jpg
brand guide lacuna light-01.jpg
brand guide lacuna light-03.jpg
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