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Sunaina graduated with a degree in fashion design from the Symbiosis Institute of Design in 2013 and a post baccalaureate diploma in Fashion, Body and Garment from School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2015.

Given her educational background and experience in the fashion industry, her work is often influenced by minimalism as a lifestyle and sustainability as an approach.

p r o f i l e

We are a process-driven boutique design studio based in Bombay, India, with a focus on Branding, Packaging and Communication design.

We work in collaboration with other designers, copywriters and content creators, as required, based on the nature of the project.

We have worked with skincare, fashion and jewellery brands, restaurants, publishing houses, corporates and non- profits to create compelling visual narratives and  strong design solutions that elevate their brand experience.

If you have gone through our work and like

what you see, please write to us at:

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